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Best cost per acquisition (CPA) on the market

  • Communities  building around project or idea
  • SMM
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • PPA
  • PPL
  • full stack online marketing 
  • more
Experinece since 2010
20 24

Full stack developments

  • Experience: Telecommunications, Blockchain, Fintech, Medtech, Gametech, EduTech, ,more
  • Programming: C, C++, C##, Java, Node, JS, React, TypeScript, all Databases, all APIs, more
  • Operation systems: IOS, Windows, Android, more


Gaming API allows 10 times cheaper and 10 times faster build gaming application

AI model based on ChatGPT. It taught understand requests and give responses in textual and  graphic forms

Red cross website

Full portfolio is available as per request

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